Spring Time at Nook Farm

Welcome to our website we are Paul & Fiona Smith. We live the perfect life on a farm in rural Shropshire here in the UK.

We often say having a Job wouldn't fit into our relaxed lifestyle, we have enjoyed the full benefits from self employment for a little over 44 years and have been working full time in the home based business industry for a little over 29 years.

We thoroughly enjoy helping others benefit from the true life freedoms that come from working in this incredible industry of home business!

The picture below shows Charlie and Elliot 2 of our 3 grown up children with their dogs talking to new born calves who are in the home paddock with their mothers in late spring 2016.

We have a highly lucrative primary business, a unique travel club where members can book travel at cost.   We earn a high 6 figure income from introducing new members who love travel and want a long term solution to earning instant commissions. Membership is a low 1 time payment suiting every pocket.

           We always say what's not to like.

Our personal goal in life is to help as many people as possible have the lifestyle of their choice along with the freedoms that are available from working online and in the comfort of your own home with a solid online business.

Our other passion  is our Giant Tipi Company we believe the best parties start in giant tipis. Our stunning tipis make the perfect venue for any occasion be sure to check us out on the tabs above.


Home business works and is highly rewarding the key is finding the right business that cranks your engine  and work with mentors who become lifelong friends!

Yours in Prosperity

Paul & Fiona

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